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Cultural Competence/Inclusive Practices 2 Hour Training

Cultural Diversity in Childcare

Participants will learn the importance of cultural diversity in a childcare setting. Participants will receive strategies that will support teaching diverse cultures and understanding difference in children's learning styles

4 hour training

Effective Teaching Strategies for Infants, Preschoolers and School Age Children

This course provides teaching strategies for multiple age groups. Participants will explore techniques to strengthen classroom management skills. Teachers will gain a greater understanding of behaviors, child development and lesson planning.

Health, Safety, and Nutrition (2 Hours

Poison Prevention

This training will bring awareness and explore risk factors associated poisoning. Participants will identify methods in storing medication, handling chemicals and hazardous materials to lessen the risk of poison in young children.

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Safe Sleep- Sudden Infant Death Syndrom

This training will promote awareness of Safe Sleep and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Participants will gain knowledge to care for infants safely while infants are sleeping and take preventative measures in care of an emergency

2 hour Training available Virtual, In person or Prerecorded

Understanding Challenging Behaviors

This training is geared toward providers who are working with young children that display challenging behaviors. This training will allow providers to gain skills to understand the underlining behaviors and how to support children in the classroom.

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