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Time Out for Parents and Providers

I often hear parents and child care provider say their children need a "Time Out", in reality if adults take a "Time Out" stress levels will be reduced tremendously. What do I mean by a Time Out for Parents and Providers? Time to take a breathe, Time to step back and reevaluate your current situation, Time to make a different decision- perhaps Time for Self Care.

Time Out is an obsolete term that childcare providers and parents use, due to the fact that parents and childcare providers should not put children in time out because it may present a situation of isolation and emotional abuse or neglect. Time Out is usually a result of frustration on the adults behalf and an unsuccessful attempt at discipline. Research proves that redirection is a more effective approach. In addition to more effective approaches, self care of childcare providers and parents is essential to provide effective care for children.

Trust me I can attest that caring for children can be stressful, overwhelming and confusing. As rewarding as caring for children can be, children do not come with operation manuals or instruction guides. I am raising 5 children, I must care for them in five different ways; each child takes a different approach. Not to mention, taking care of children that are not your own whom you have to learn their ways to give the proper care.

Adults usually do not adapt self care practices, I have given surveys to teachers and one of the questions were what do you do for self care? The top two answers were #1: I Don't do anything and #2: What do you mean by self care. What I mean by self care is anything YOU do for yourself that is enjoyable that set your current problems, concerns or situations aside just for a moment. For those who practice self care gave examples of relaxing, getting a manicure, catching a movie, shopping or simply stopping to smell the roses. I know this may sound foreign because caring for children require unless duties.

Did you know literally stopping to smell the roses as cliche as it sounds helps to reduce stress. Research say the aroma of a pleasant sent can immediately reduce or eliminate stress. So not only roses, smelling food familiar perfume or fresh air could change your mood help help you to take a time out. I teach children to take "Belly Breathes" to regain control of their emotions. Adults can benefit from this social emotional technique as well as children. By deeply inhaling in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth is a belly breath that could change your current situation.

The world has taken an expecting shift and we ALL need a belly breath as we take this "Time Out". Parents are now home schooling children and teachers are now learning how to teach virtually.... This change may take some getting use to, please have a little more patience and try not to worry about things that you have no control over. Take some time to practice self care, maybe you will find a "New Norm".

Here are 20 tips to take a "Time Out". Please respond to this blog on which tips you have tried or the New Norm you would like to start. Please remember we ALL could benefit from a Time Out! You are not alone.

1. Belly Breathes

2. Fresh Air

3. Take a Nap

4. Get a Manicure/ Pedicure

5. Read a Book

6. Take a Walk

7. Ride a Bike

8. Gardening

9. Take a Cooking Lesson

10. Watch a Good Movie

11. Laugh Laugh Laugh

12. Play a Game you know you will Win

13. Shop online like money is not an option (Then empty your cart LOL)

14. Swing at the Park (Never forget what its like to be a kid)

15. Dance like nobody's watching

16. Try a new Hairstyle or Makeup

17. Call a Friend you haven't heard from in a while

18. Eat your Favorite Desert

19. Take a LOOOONNNNGGGG Bath.

20. Try something New!




I would like to hear from you, email your blog ideas and questions to I will respond within 48 hours. Thank you.

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